Emerging demand of ball valve exporting business in global market

Ball valves contains highly features of to provide best shut-off functionality. These ability are being highly recommended for use of fully open and fully closed position industries. This makes the valves of this category to be highly demanding for their capability to control the flow which in turn increases the importance of the ball valves exporters.

Know about Ball Valves & it’s working :

Ball valves are designed and manufactured for controlling the flow through the spherical discs which is the major part to be reckoned. Such valves represent one of the most extensively used industrial valves in the international market which with time is emerging as a profitable investment. The operation of the valve is considered as a simple one where a quarter-turn of 90 degrees opens or closes the valves completely.

ball valves India

This facility assists in minimizing the valve operation time and also decreases the chances of leakages due to the wear from the seal of the gland. The flow rate is actually directly proportional to the extent of disk travel. The assorted shapes, sizes, framework and the materials used have made this product highly popular around the world.

Profitable features from business perspective :

In today’s world where quality, precision and performance form the basis of success for any industry, the exporters of Indian ball valves have been able to respond to such business needs.

Some key aspects of ball valves are:

  • Supports pressure ranges up to 1000 bar and temperature up to 250 degrees
  • Size ranges from 0.5 cm to 30 cm
  • Metal or plastic is used to make the body of ball valves and very often the ball is made chrome plated
  • Quarter-turn actuation
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Versatile
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to operate and repair

Wide scope in the global market

The contributions made by the exporters of ball valves and Gate valve manufacturers in the valve industry have been a significant one which has been recognized in the global market. Despite the various specifications, the manufacturers and the exporters of ball valves are able to come up with supreme quality of such valves which helps to control the flow of gases or liquids in specific ways.


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