Vital factors for selection of Ball valves in India

With quality and perfection given high concern in the commercial industry these days, ball valves in India are being reckoned and highly appreciated. Ball valves are available with variegated specifications and qualities which depend on various factors in order to suit the specified functional areas. At times it is very much a vital aspect which decides the proper functioning of any system related to controlling or regulating the flow of liquids, gases, or any such similar media.

Ball valves

Vital selection factors

Ball valves exportersIt is imperative from the company’s point of view to get well acquainted with few vital factors before embarking on the procurement of ball valves in India and across the world. The following factors really give one the understanding and a clearer picture of the various aspects of selection:

  • Working Pressure: The ball valves are specifically designed keeping into consideration the various pressure differences in varied areas of applications. This is a vital factor which determines the pressure which will gush through the valve.
  • Valve size: Correct valve sizes assist in handling the different pressure ranges as per the needs and specifications of the functional area.
  • Temperature range: As the shut off applications are used to take care of both the hot and cold condition of the fluids this becomes imperative at an initial stage to determine the coldness or hotness of the medium which will be made to flow through the ball valve. This in a way helps to select the material required in the making of ball valves in India and across the world.
  • Choice of material: The ball valves in India and countries across the globe are known for their performance and the longevity. This largely depends on the materials which are exploited in the making of the valves. Such a choice is made on the basis of the temperature which is maintained or made to flow in the device. The various materials include stainless steel, PVC and ceramic. Different materials are available each having their own range of temperature.
  • The volume of media flow: Flow control and regulators are utilized to manage different amounts of liquids or gases. This is important on the part of selecting the valve size for proper functioning.

Area of Application

Ball valves in India are known for their effective ways of flow controlling which is why they are preferred in any form of engineering applications. Their importance is noticeable in industries related to petrochemical installations, oil refineries, pharmaceutical plants and other such industries. These valves are also made to use in domestic purposes for controlling flow of water in buildings.

Such factors assist one to know the features associated with such valves for any form of shut off applications. This in a way increases the performance and minimizes the chances of frequent replacements of the components.


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