Forged Steel Valves are More Stronger and Durable than Castings

Forging and casting are two different techniques in manufacturing industry to shape the metal in desired shape under proper temperature and pressure. During casting process, metal is first heated at certain temperature and poured into mold to get solidified. At the same time, when something is forged then metals are shaped with physical force into solid state. During forging process, metals have to be heated frequently.

Forging steel valve

Based on research and engineering facts, forging materials have low surface porosity, excellent grain structure, maximum tensile strength, and finer fatigue strength when compared to similar casted materials. In simple words, forged steel valves have better shackles and lasting properties than casted metals. This is easy to understand forging basics and their implementation. Further, they can be expanded quickly due to finer grain structure. In case of casting materials, grain structure is random and overall strength become lesser and not desirable.

Forging is always better than castings – Researched facts

Based on research paper available on internet, Forging is some degree better than casting. How it is possible, we will discuss here. Forged steel valves have good tensile strength that results into durable shackles and minimum weight of parts.

The fatigue life is also higher almost six times that makes forging process more desirable than other similar materials. If we talk about yield strength then also forging process wins. Forged metals are pretty much durable and last longer before any final deformation. Forged metals have low surface area and they occupy less space when compared to casted materials.

Where to use casting?

When you have to design most typical shapes with intricate designs that are just impossible to forge, casting process is used. For larger items, casting is much viable option and easy to implement. You just have to sure that proper heat treatment is applied for excellent shapes and designs.


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