Butterfly valves and it’s Importance in industries

In the piping world, valves of various kinds have their prominence and significance. One such valve is butterfly valve which carries huge significance for various industries requiring piping works. Butterfly valves are rotational valves which can be turned to a quarter of its rotational motion and is employed to stop, control or initiate the flow. Butterfly valves manufacturers have a lot of demand across industries and that’s because of their significance. These valves are highly functional in wastewater treatment, irrigation and other agricultural purposes and are considered to be one of the most popular valves in the industry. So, let’s take a look at what it is exactly and the usefulness of such valves.

Butterfly valves India

What is it?

Butterfly valves have a metal disc in its body which is placed at 90 degrees to the flow when it is in the closed position. On the other hand, the disc is rotated a quarter of its rotational turn in order to make it parallel to the direction of the flow when the valve is in open direction. There is also a middle path to it and that it when the valves take intermediate turns which let for the control of the flow.


Before it’s possible to list down the usefulness of butter valves, it’s important to mention that there are different kinds of such valves and each of these are useful in their own respective ways.

Good under pressure

Ball butterfly valves are known to be extremely reliable and can prove to be useful under very high pressure. The resilient butterfly valve, another kind, is equipped with flexible rubber seat and hence has its own application.

Important in winter

Such valves come to use especially for shielding and sealing pipes. Mainly in colder season, pipes usually get stiff and freeze and hence butterfly valves are used to initiate the movement of fluids and gas.

Different operating modes

Such valves can be customised and configured to make it operate pneumatically, electronically and manually. While pneumatic ones are most rapid in their operation, the electronic ones require sending an indication to the gearbox to start its operation.

Greater life and reduced costs

Automatic pneumatic valves have a great life where the reduced breakage and wear improves the longevity of the valves. This, in turn, lessens the maintenance and operation cost. Hence, with this, you can save both the hours and effort gone into its maintenance and can also have a direct impact on operating cost.

Simple to operate

Such valves are easy to operate and are rapid. Just a quarter rotations or 90-degree turn of the valve leads to opening or complete closure of it. The large valves are built with a gearbox to simplify its operation further.

Lesser space

Butterfly valves do not need bigger spaces compared to other valve categories owing to their compact structure and design.

Inexpensive to make

These need lesser resources for their building because of its simple design. The wafer butterfly valve easily fits between pipeline flanges. The lug wafer design is also relatively economical to build.

Hence, the products of butterfly valves manufacturers are highly practical and have a range of their uses.


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